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Sweat Free Shirt For Men

Feeling hot and bothered? No sweat. Today, M&S launched their new Dry Extreme shirt which uses Smartweave technology to avoid embarrassing sweat patches, keeping you dry and smart all day.

This isn’t just a shirt… It’s a scientific revelation. The new shirts have been engineered using the latest in fabric technology to provide men with a high specification, performance garment. They are designed to avoid sweat patches forming by cleverly drawing perspiration away from the skin and into the inner fabric and dispersing it as vapour. The outer fibres of the shirt reflect moisture and prevent discolouration.

The Dry Extreme shirt has been developed in response to customer feedback. Mark Yates, M&S Technical Manager said:

“Sweat patches can be an embarrassing problem for men, especially when they are faced with stressful situations and looking sharp through the summer months. Our Dry Extreme shirts provide the perfect solution to this problem, giving the wearer a formal shirt with the hidden benefit of keeping them smart and dry.”

Get your Dry Extreme shirt online now for £39.50 or from selected stores tomorrow. The range will consist of four styles; plain white and blue, striped navy/white and striped sky/white.






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