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Naked Girls Reading

In an age of technological genius, reading the classics of English literature can be a bore. But, a new performance movement, Naked Girls Reading, may be what it takes to extend our attention spans.

The burlesque show, already popular in the US and Canada, made it’s London debut last Wednesday with a performance titled “An Ode to London”. Naked performers, Emerald Fontaine, Rubyyy Jones, Tallulah Tempest and Sophia St Villier, read excerpts from established classics such as Oliver Twist and Mrs Calloway during the performance at a victorian salon in Hackney. But, for the less high-brow, there were also readings from Russell Brand’s My Booky Wook 2.

But, how much literature would you actually take in when the readers are naked? Audience member Philip Spence said:

“At first I was just looking at the women but after a while you forget they are naked and just concentrate on the stories.”

A successful debut has ensured a return outing for the naked girls who will be back next month with “A Very Royal Reading”. Organisers said the next event will have a royal theme to mark the royal wedding, with readings from books such as A Little Princess. Impresario Sophia St Villier spoke of the shows debut success:

“There is something rather romantic about nude nymphs reading great literature – It harks back to when books were shared and read aloud as entertainment before television.”

I wasn’t around in the days before television but I never imagined it would be like this. I’m sure if it was literature would still be greatly appreciated today. But, sadly it’s not. Hopefully Naked Girls Reading will encourage more people to respect classic literature and get reading again.

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